• Margherita


      M1200 yen L 1600 yen

      Tomato sauce · basil · cherry tomato · mozzarella

    • Diabola Bianca (spicy)

      Diabola Bianca (spicy)

      M1400 yen L 1800 yen

      (Chili, chicken, salami mozzarella)

  • Today's recommended menu

  • Secondo Charcoal Grill

    • Charcoal grill of Japanese beef Ichibo

      Charcoal grill of Japanese beef Ichibo

      1g 14 yen

      The Japanese Black Cattle of Ichibo, baked carefully over charcoal.It is juicy modestly marbling.

    • Charcoal grill Noto pig

      1g 8 yen

      In grew up loin with a delicious natural water of Noto, is fleshy the core has a thick glutinous.

    • France duck fillet grill

      1g 9 yen

      The foie gras, is fattening and French production fluke de Canard grilled of to take.

    • Karunemisuto


      2850 yen

      Is a platter of today recommended meat three and grilled vegetables.Meat about 300g, is exciting grill cuisine.

  • Secondo Japan Sea fishing boat direct delivery fresh fish cuisine

    • Akuapattsua


      2350 yen

      A single fish, Italian fish dishes of traveling lightly stewed simple and material taste with herbs and cherry tomatoes.

    • Zuppa Di Pesce

      Zuppa Di Pesce

      2950 yen

      To Akuapattsua, it is a hearty fish dishes, which joined fresh seafood and tomato sauce of the Sea of ​​Japan.

  • Risotto

    • Parmesan cheese risotto

      950 yen

      (Butter, cheese and black pepper)

    • Cream risotto of porcini mushrooms

      1650 yen

      (Cream, porcini mushrooms, Guranachizu and black pepper)

  • Olive Oil Base

    • Kacho e Pepe

      950 yen

      (Garlic, anchovy, Grana source and black pepper)

    • Of raw ham carbonara

      Of raw ham carbonara

      1450 yen

      (Garlic oil, egg yolk, cream Guranachizu, black pepper, raw ham)

    • Today fresh fish and seasonal vegetables, pasta of dried mullet roe

      Today fresh fish and seasonal vegetables, pasta of dried mullet roe

      1350 yen

      (Garlic, anchovies, fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, cherry tomatoes, dried mullet roe)

    • Sea urchin pasta Bogamari wind

      Sea urchin pasta Bogamari wind

      1800 yen

      (Garlic, anchovies, cherry tomatoes, sea urchin, dried mullet roe, lemon beer)

  • Pasta Tomato Base

    • Pomodoro

      950 yen

      (Garlic, basil, cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce, Guranachizu)

    • Amatriciana

      1250 yen

      (Garlic, bacon, onion, Guranachizu-tomato sauce)

    • Of Japanese beef Bolognese

      Of Japanese beef Bolognese

      1350 yen

      (Flavor vegetables, red wine, beef, tomato sauce, butter Guranachizu)

    • Thick tomato cream of shrimp

      Thick tomato cream of shrimp

      1650 yen

      Luxury shell and tomato cream sauce made by combining the anchovy and garlic oil to the insistence American source of made with only shrimp is delicious! Compatibility also exquisite chef recommended one article ♪ with tagliatelle of homemade noodles (garlic anchovies, seafood (full) cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce, lemon oil)

    • Exciting the Sea of ​​Japan Pescatore

      Exciting the Sea of ​​Japan Pescatore

      1750 yen
  • Pizza Bianca

    • Quattro folder Mudge Honey

      Quattro folder Mudge Honey

      M1450 yen L1850 yen

      Of four types cheese pizza (Gorgon-Tarejjio-Guranachizu mozzarella)

    • Kottoemaisu


      M1400 yen L1800 yen

      (Basil mushroom Cotto (ham), cherry tomatoes, mozzarella

    • Of raw ham Bismarck

      Of raw ham Bismarck

      M1700 yen L2100 yen

      (Basil mushroom soft-boiled eggs, raw ham and mozzarella)

  • Pizza Marinara

    • Marinara


      M800 yen L1200 yen

      (Tomato sauce, oregano, cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil)

    • Chechenierri


      M1100 yen L1500 yen

      (Tomato sauce, oregano, anchovies, whitebait, garlic)

    • Of exciting seafood Pescatore

      Of exciting seafood Pescatore

      M1950 yen L2350 yen

      (Tomato sauce, oregano, anchovies, seafood, cherry tomatoes, garlic, arugula)

    • Calzone (wrapped grilled)

      Calzone (wrapped grilled)

      M1600 yen L2000 yen

      (Ricotta, salami, basil, tomato sauce, mozzarella)

  • Napoli pizza

    • Margherita


      M1200 yen L1600 yen

      (Tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella)

    • Romana


      M1450 yen L1850 yen

      (Tomato sauce, oregano, anchovies, garlic, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella)

    • Capricciosa


      M1500 yen L1900 yen

      (Tomato sauce, red onion, mushrooms Cotto (ham) Karuchofi olive mozzarella)

    • Prosciutto e Rukora

      Prosciutto e Rukora

      M1700 yen L2100 yen

      (Tomato sauce, oregano, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula, Guranachizu)

  • Antipasto

    • Bagna cauda over seasonal vegetables

      Bagna cauda over seasonal vegetables

      900 yen

      Seasonal vegetables, garlic and Bagna cauda-source made with anchovies, which erased the smell in the milk

    • Antipasto mist

      Antipasto mist

      1950 yen

      Today's recommended appetizer platter (servings 2-3)

    • Caprese buffalo mozzarella

      Caprese buffalo mozzarella

      1000 yen

      Caprese of a valuable buffalo mozzarella cheese and sweet Toma

    • Sea of ​​Japan fresh fish carpaccio

      Sea of ​​Japan fresh fish carpaccio

      1200 yen

      Carpaccio ※ fish using fresh fish of the Sea of ​​Japan, by the purchase situation, is the day instead.

    • Marinated exciting seafood

      Marinated exciting seafood

      1850 yen

      The fresh fish of the Sea of ​​Japan, exciting marinated dish was seasoned, such as simple in the tomatoes and olive oil

    • Folder Mudge mist

      Folder Mudge mist

      950 yen

      Italy and France of cheese Assorted

    • Prosciutto crude

      Prosciutto crude

      1350 yen

      Order was sliced ​​from entering Italian ham and arugula Assorted of

    • Frit mist

      Frit mist

      950 yen

      Vegetables and meat, fried foods, such as fish Assorted

  • InSarata

    • Seasonal vegetable salad

      Seasonal vegetable salad

      650 yen

      Simple salad using, such as arugula and watercress

    • Caesar salad

      750 yen

      Caesar salad the Bal Mi jar Roh cheese, using the