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【For banquet】 Italian fish pan pot in cold or winter ~ Bouilla base pot of seafood ~

【For banquet】 Italian fish pan pot in cold or winter ~ Bouilla base pot of seafood ~

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The person who ordered the course is limited 120 minutes You can drink all you can (LO 90 minutes).

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Until 23 o'clock the day before the store visit date
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Fish pans are "Bouillabass" originating in southern France.It was made of special ingredients of seafood broth and seafood from Hokuriku abundantly and finished in pot style.Beginning with the assortment of nine kinds of appetizers, while eating the pot, you can have Focaccia (alternative liberty) of grilled oyster grilled on the soup and enjoy the remaining risotto with the surplus soup.Please enjoy homemade dolce at the end!

Course menu

Assorted 9 kinds of appetizers

■ Seafood buoy base cooker

■ Stone kiln-baked Focacca "(refillable)

■ Risotto of the end

■ Homemade Dolce

The contents will change on the purchase and season of the day!

Please inquire at the store ☆

☆ Example of cooking ☆

【Example of appetizer】

· Today fresh fish carpaccio

· Italian product ham

· Kuroge Wagyu Beef's Porpetti

· Stewed seasonal vegetables with tomatoes

· Italian style omelette

· Broiled mackerel's kicker sauce

· Gorojima golden croquette

【Italian Pot】

· Bouya base pot

【Kiln burning】

· Stone kiln baked forkatcher (refill)

【Risotto at the end】

· Fish shellfish Tomato risotto


Homemade tiramisu

All-you-can-drink menu

· Beer
· Draft beer · pitcher
·sparkling wine
· Sparkling
·Red wine
· Italian wine
·White wine
· White wine from Italy
· Flavor highball prepared according to your mood and cuisine! Ginger high ball / lemonade high ball / lime high ball / giant peak high ball
· Wine cocktail
· Mimosa: Orange Flavor Sparkling / Operator: Ginger Flavor White Wine / Kiel: Cassis Flavor White Wine / Wine Cooler: Orange Flavor Red Wine
· Various cocktails
· Cassis Orange / Cassis Grapefruit / Moscow Kool / Screwdriver / Lychee Orange / Lychee Grapefruit / China Blue / Chandigafuf / Red Eye
·Soft drink
· Calpis · Calpis Soda · Cola / Ginger Ale / Green Tea / Oolong Tea / Orange Juice / Grapefruit Juice
· Non alcoholic beer / Shary Temple / Saratoga cooler / Nonaru sparkling / Lemonade / cola lemonade
· Coffee / Tea / Espresso

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